Dryland and Winter Training

Fall Dryland Practices

In the fall, the team practices with the women’s team from late September to early December.  These practices and workouts take place on weekdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.  The team practices are aimed at building cardiovascular endurance and physical strength with workouts ranging from the famed caveman workout to team speedball on Friday afternoons.

Winter Break Schedule (Jan Camp)

Brown University students have a month-long winter vacation.  After the holidays, the ski team travels up to the Mount Washington Valley in New Hampshire.  The training normally begins the first weekend of January and continues until classes begin several weeks later. During this time, the team rents a house near the town of North Conway.  We train at the nearby Wildcat Mountain – just across the road from Mt. Washington and Tuckerman’s Ravine.  Camp begins with a focus on the fundamentals of ski racing and we have a wide range of abilities from ski racing beginnings to life long ski racers.  The team trains alongside the women’s team.

Weekend carnivals and races begin the first weekend of camp and continue for the next five weeks. We race at a variety of mountains including Pico, Jiminy Peak, Gunstock, Blackwater, Whiteface, and Crotched Mountain. We typically leave on Friday nights and return on Sunday. These races offer strong competition for those who are experienced racers and have room for those who are new to the sport as well. These few weeks offer a great team building opportunity as team members and coaches ski and live together.

Winter/Spring Schedule 

Once classes resume, the team practices at Blue Hills in Massachusetts on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Each morning, the team departs campus around 6 a.m. and returns by 12 p.m.  At the mountain, the team trains alongside the women’s team, Boston College, and Babson College.  These practices give athletes a chance to get away from campus and get in some solid training all before their roommates have woken up.


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